Dragonball: Ruination

Dragonball: Ruination
Title Dragonball: Ruination
Gender Adventure
Version 3
Published by Administrador
Release date Jan 01, 1970 the 00:01:00
Players 37
Language United States

About the game


1. No GM disrespect – The team works hard for the players, abusing or making negative comments about a GM will be dealt with severely.
2. Respect the players and administrators.
3. Spamming is not acceptable.
4. Do not spam kill (killing same player 3+ times on a short period of time/or within 30 minutes)
5. When doing sagas, players must wait a full 20 minutes before starting another round IF they have killed 75% of the previous round.
6. Do not use/abuse any glitches or bugs.
7. Do not AFK train or use programs to assist in training unless you are Self Training/Meditating or Concentrate Training .
8. Keep caps(shift/uppercase letters) to a minimum.
9. Do not equip items that hide your entire body, such as a turf icon.
10. Do not link MA/porn and such websites in the game.
11. Adjusting font sizes is forbidden (Including oversized guild names and titles).
12. Do not advertise/spam this, or other games.
13. Do not interrupt arena challenges.
14. Use common sense, the other rules are in place and this rule is used by GMs to enforce them at their discretion

Staff Team

Crimson Slayer - Owner/ Programmer/Mapper/Pixel Artist/Interface & Forum Creator
Belial - Game Creator
Hammer – Owner/Coder/Mapper
Bushmaster - Co-Owner/Pixel Artist
Tricycle - Head Admin
Riku – Head Admin/Lead Mapper
Mosh - Admin/Host
Chroncher – Admin/Mapper
Kedge - Trial GM
Kaiju - Trial GM


Kaiju – Graphic design (Load Screen) and lead bug catcher
Kedge – Graphical design (HUD Title) & Game Guide

Update List

Hotfixes throughout patch:
Multikey Enabled for rest of wipe
Bonus Server Exp and Zen added (Cheer Bel)
Exp added to Skills (Cheers Bel)
Fixed Guild war
Updated Mob AI(background improvement)
Fixed Invert skill
Buffed Med gains
Fixed some bugged Techs such as AI/FE
Fixed Guild Houses
NEW Map – Each map is almost double the size of the old maps!!!
NEW Interface – Including making the map portion of the 50% larger to better adjust to the new map size.
NEW Remote Server Controller and Shell Server for seamless play and minimal downtime (5 minutes at max, all GM’s can rehost the world as well)
Mob rework – Mob stats adjusted and zenni and xp reward adjusted to reward fairly for mobn strength.
Added a global drop table (Except friezas henchmen coz no one likes them)
Majin Incarnate bug fix
Changeling bug fix
Allowed multi buy of senzu beans
Fixed legendary powerup bug
Fixed heran powerup bug
Level text is defaulted to off (No more accidental crashing when getting power leveled)
Removed fusion as a requirement for transformations
Removed Whis boost as a requirement for Godly Saiyan transformation
Updated misc procs and verbs to improve server efficiency
Stat shards re-introduced but you can only use 10 stat shards per character per wipe
Skill exp updating in overall tab has been removed (Skill xp will be invisible)
No more skill resetting (too much 9 tiling)
Removed Buggy and ‘filler’ Techs
Corrupted Namekian (Atramentous Form) Other Requirements has dropped to 40% Evil Karma (From 100%)